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Hydroponics Pots and Soils

Hydroponics pots and soils

When it comes to hydroponic farming, we are the one-stop shop in South Yorkshire for all your farming needs. Our experienced staff can assist you in finding the right pots and soils, so you can grow your plants to their full potential. We also ensure that you buy the right nutrients and additives to match your growing media and water type.

Staff member adding soil to plants


We have many years of experience in hydroponics, and we offer stylish air-pots for homes and greenhouses. These air-pots are ideal for growing rooted seedlings or clones as they have improved root development systems that can grow your seedlings into extremely hardy young plants, which you can easily transfer to larger pots. You can also buy urban farming accessories from us to create your own kitchen garden.

Offering a wide range of pots, we have available from us:

  • Air pots

  • Fabric pots

  • Plastic Saucers

  • Soil & Coco Growing Medium

  • Soil conditioners 

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Unit 2, Kelham St, 


South Yorkshire, 


01302 761386

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