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Hydroponics Grow Tents

Hydroponics Grow Tents

Let your plants grow in the best controlled environment

Our growing tents offer simple and practical solutions for creating an optimum indoor environment for your plants to grow. They’re easy to assemble and come with a few useful features, including hanging points and support bars for lighting, water catchment trays, ventilation socks for ducting and power cables and other growing accessories. We also stock grow tents with reflective lining, which ensure that the grow lights placed within the tents operate to their maximum efficiency and no light is lost.

Plants Growing In Hydroponic tents

The benefits of grow tents

Grow tents protect your plants from external factors like pests and fungus. Their light-weight structure makes them easy to move without damaging the plants inside. They can be completely automated with timers and drip feeds, and are an ideal alternative to adapting an entire room. Visit Happy Gardens Ltd to buy grow tents for home or large-scale use.

You can find a range of grow tents in different shapes and sizes, including standard, roof and heavy duty. They're easy to assemble and take down. We also supply grow lights, nutrients and additives and much more for hydroponic growing.

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